1997 Graduate of Germantown High School, Germantown, TN

2001 Graduate of University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Science in Education (B. S. Ed.) degree, majoring in Sport and Leisure Studies with a concentration in Leisure Management.

    "Sport and Leisure Studies" is what they called the major because the chairman of our college was British, and "Leisure" is their word for "Recreation".  The American translation should be called "Sport and Recreation Business Management."  My concentration was in recreation business management.  By all comparison, this is a business management degree, but it has been specialized to those businesses that provide recreation as their product or service.  Recipients of this degree are specialists in the field of Hotel and restaurant management, resorts, casinos, movie theaters, exercise facilities, golf courses, country clubs, ski resorts, cruise lines, amusement parks, vacation programs, city parks and recreation, and of course camps and conference centers. 

    The core courses for my major and concentration that I took are listed below, taken right from my transcript.   My actual  transcript is available should you wish to see it.  

My general education courses and electives are listed below.