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Summers 1995-1998: Boy Scout Camp Kia Kima, Cherokee Village, AR

1999-2000: Mid-South Baptist Retreat and Conference Center SBC, Memphis, TN

November 2000-May 2001: Bogey's Golf and Family Entertainment Center, Memphis, TN

May 2001-September 2002: Camp Alta SBC, Alta, CA

September 2002-September 2004: Jenness Park SBC, Cold Springs, CA

September 2004-February 2006: Adventure Experiences Inc., Taylor Park, CO and Trinity, TX

June 2006-November 2009: US Army Active Duty, Ft. Benning, GA, Ft. Hood, TX, Southern Iraq

November 2009-December 2010: Mississippi National Guard and Self Employment, Memphis, TN

January 2011-January 2012: Glorieta Conference Center SBC, Glorieta, New Mexico 

January 2012-November 2013: Jonathan Creek Christian Camp SBC- Crossings Ministries, KY
November 2013-Present: Ponderosa Christian Camp CBGC- Larkspur, CO